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It is very simple to share a positive news article on our website Just follow these steps, and within 15 minutes, you are done – also complete newbies. It’s that simple.



Go to our list of approved articles by clicking the button below:


ONLY the ORANGE articles are approved. Please only add the orange text articles.

NOTE: You can only write in the GREEN columns. The other columns are locked.
To see a list of published articles, see TAB “Archive.”
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Open your internet browser by clicking the button below:


Then fill in:

For new volunteers, we have the same author login for all.

FYI: if you want, you can request via your own author login, which comes with your author page with a picture. On your author page, you can write a bio about yourself and/or link back to your Linkedin account or blog.


EXAMPLE: our explanation video above uses a news article and image source about an important fossil find. Click here for link to article source, and here and here for link to image source, and lastly here for the youtube link.
To see the final version of the article on the PNF website, click here



Please follow along with the video above.

After login, you’ll see a menu on the left. Press “Posts,” then click “Add New.” A blank post will open.

Sometimes an automatic blue-white popup appears: click it away.

  • Go to the list of approved articles.
  • Select an approved article (orange text plus YES in the “Approved” column)
  • HOVER above the Link Article: a small pop-up window with the link will appear. Click the link to go to the approved article in a new tab of your browser
  • Read the whole article and check the quality of the accompanying images/(youtube)video
  • Click on the corresponding link in the column “Link to article” and copy the first line (if the article is short) or the first two lines if the article is long. Paste the text in the post row where you see “Type/ to choose a block.”
  • After the copy-pasted text, type 3 dots …
  • Then insert a button by clicking the blue + under or beside the text (“Add block”). A pop-up opens. Search for “Button,” and click the icon “Buttons.”
  • A blue button appears with “Add text” on it. Write in it: “Read the article”
  • Use a SPACER
  • Add a “YouTube” block
  • Add a paragraph and insert this text:

Source image:

Source text:

Original title:

Add a “spacer” block



  • Check the original article to see their accompanying images.
  • If you see a good quality HORIZONTAL image within the original article, you can right-click on the image and “copy link address.”
  • Then paste it in WordPress in the Features Image element UNDER the page elements, on the bottom of the page. Simply paste the link and click the “Preview” button.
  • If you cannot find a suitable image, go to and search for keywords from the article. Then click in the right sidebar to the image source, and you’ll get forwarded to the original image source. Copy the name holder of the original picture, and past the name AND source in the “Featured image” caption (image above) as SOURCE IMAGE: <name uploader> / <name source>
  • Also, paste the same <name uploader> / <name source> in the text of the PNF article. See the video above for how to do this step-by-step.
  • Last step: Copy the https link of the PAGE where you found the image, and paste it on the text “Source image: <name uploader> / <name source>



  • Check the original article to see their accompanying videos
  • If you see a good quality YOUTUBE video within the original article, you can right-click on the Youtube logo, open the video in a new browser tab and click the “SHARE” button text under the video, and press “COPY”. Then paste the link into the Youtube block in the PNF article and click the “Embed” button.
  • If there is no youtube video on the original article, go to youtube and search for keywords around the article. In the case of the example, search for: Fossils, etc. Ensure the video is “newsy” (bonus points if the video source is a news or media channel) and/or inspirational. Does it make you feel good? Add it; if it doesn’t: search some more. If you cannot find any related videos, please mail, and we’ll help you.
  • Found a great or related newsy video that makes you excited? then click the “SHARE” button text under the video, and press “COPY.” Then paste the link into the Youtube block in the PNF article and click the “Embed” button.



    • Original title: Copy-paste the original article title here
    • Source text: Insert name source, including the .com/.org
    • Copy https link original article and paste it on
      • text “Original title”
      • text “Source text”
      • button “Read article”

Then you need to change a few settings in the right sidebar in WordPress:

  • Section “Status & visibility”: Publish: change date to the first date with NO blue bullet UNDER the date. Always set the time at 07.00 am. If all dates in the next three months from today have blue bullets under the date, then pick a random weekend date in the next three months and post it on that date.
  • Section “Permalink”: don’t change anything
  • Section “Categories”: check all categories that apply
  • Section “Tags”: check all tags that apply. We have 28 different tags: App, Climate change, DIY, Environment, Family, Good books, Good movies, Happy songs, Health, Men, Podcasts, Quotes, Science, Source: ABC, Source: BBC, Source: CNN, Source: Fox, Source: GNN (GoodNewsNetwork), Source: Huffington, Source: MSN, Source: Sunny Skies, Source: The Happy News, Sport, Success Stories, Tech, TV channel, Women, and Youtube. Do NOT add extra tags – only choose from these tags.
  • Section “Featured image”: don’t change anything
  • Section “Excerpt”: Go to the approved articles Excel sheet, to the column “Summary or quote” and copy-paste the approved text in the “Write an excerpt” text field
  • Section “Discussion”: don’t change anything
  • Section “Featured image”: should be filled already. If not: re-read above #4 – ADD AN IMAGE



Last quick check: are these things done (correctly)?

  • PNF title differs from original title and is teasing readers to read article?
  • Max 10% of first alinea(s) of original articles is copy-pasted?
  • Read more button link works?
  • Source image text is not missing, and text link works and links to PAGE on which the image is found?
  • Source text displays name source correctly, and text link link to homepage of article page source?
  • Original title is correct, and text link links back to original article source?
  • Youtube video is inserted correctly and works?

And these things in the Post sidebar?

  • Date set correctly at 7am on date that has not yet blue bullit under date?
  • Minimal 1 category has been chosen?
  • Minimal 1 tag has been chosen?
  • Excerpt is readable?
  • Featured image is inserted correctly and has correct source text?

All good? The press blue button in right top corner: PUBLISH

Then, after pressing the PUBLISH button, click in the pop up window the blue button: Submit for Review

you can go back and publish another article by clicking the black WP logo that looks like this:


That’s all folks!

You’re the best for helping us out and help grow #TheNewsWeWant!

We are so grateful and happy beyond words that all we can say is:

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