Thank you!

Thank you for volunteering to grow #TheNewsWeWant

Now we have a good idea of you and how we can help each other. To make the onboarding go smoothly, please read this page thoroughly and execute the three to-do’s right now. Let’s get started!

1. Subscribe to our Sunday Paper

If you have not yet subscribed to our weekly newsletter, then do so right away. We’ll send you on Sundays a summary of the last 7 days of positive news. Free of charge. Oh, and don’t forget to forward them to your friends!


2. Print, sign and send us your Volunteer Agreement

The PNF has insurance for volunteers located in The Hague through Dutch insurance for our international volunteers – Hague Polis. For other online volunteers, we currently do not provide insurance.

If you agree to this, and start volunteering work, please print the PdF document below, fill it out by hand with a blue or black pen, make a picture from it with your smartphone and send the picture to


3. Connect!

LINKEDIN: Follow us on Linkedin and show your love for positive news by connecting to our brand-new Linkedin page. Click HERE to go to our new Linkedin page >

YOUTUBE: Hurray! Our new Youtube Channel is just live! Follow our brand new Youtube channel and sit tight for our first news items with positive news only. Click HERE to go to our new Youtube Channel >

OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: follow PNF on your favorite social media channels

4. Consider buying a T-shirt (OPTIONAL)

PNF created a T-shirt and accessories collection with fun and positive vibes. Every purchase helps grow positive news worldwide. Check out the PNF collection >

5. Start helping PNF right now (OPTIONAL)

If you have time right now to help the PNF, please start right away – it does not matter if you have 30 minutes or 4 hours. Start with whatever time you have, every minute helps. We provide step-by-step instructions every inch along the way: